Why airbrush vs. traditional makeup?

The famous questions every client wonders, why airbrush over regular foundation? Will it last longer? What looks more natural? Does it work if I have sensitive skin?

The answer is Yes. The airbrush technique is applied with a small motorized machine that places foundation in a fine mist onto skin. It's airbrushing your skin in a very smooth and brush less way. Your artist has the ability to control the amount of coverage that is applied as well as custom blending your perfect tone. Unlike traditional over the counter foundation it does not feel heavy on the skin. Airbrush foundation, in fact, feel feather light and looks like you have perfect smooth skin. It does not transfer to clothing or people you hug at your event. You can cry and even perspire and the airbrush will stay in place. Simply blot your tears and or perspiration and keep going!  Wear time is 13+ hours and will stand the test of a long event such as your wedding day.  Many artists, untrained in the technique will discourage you, but that in large part is due to their inability to provide the service. Yes you can be talented in blending traditional makeup but the wear time and primer action of the airbrush arguably better for enduring freshness for long periods of time and feeling light on the skin. 

If after reading these benefits you are still not sure, I recommend having a preview and seeing for yourself. In fact every bride, should have a preview prior to the wedding day. It will ensure confidence to know your artist understands and can give you the overall application your looking for and ease your nerves on the wedding day!